Collectively RE:working - remote working and the future of the workplace


Wednesday, June 3, 2020


2 pm EDT | 1 pm CDT | 11 am PDT

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Get the inside scoop from your peers about the future of the workplace

With remote working as our "new normal", we surveyed over 250 practitioners to explore the impact on working and understand the long-term effects it will have on the workplace.

Join our live session where our expert panel of thought leaders will guide a conversation about collective reworking, the impact of a remote workforce, and the future of the workplace. We'll cut through the hype to find out if the workplace as we know it is dead or if it will come back stronger

Our panel will:

  • Discuss what "business as usual" looks like now and post COVID-19
  • Help you prepare for the return to the workplace with framework strategies for your business
  • Assess the impact of remote working on culture and engagement
  • Explore what the future workplace looks like, from changes in work practices to design layouts

Register now! Space is limited.

About the Panel

Albert DePlazaola, Global Director, Strategy

Albert is a strategy consultant with extensive experience in design and change strategies. He moves beyond the typical design thinking and user-centric approaches to explore how organizations can foster greater overall responsiveness, adaptability and innovation.

Erin Crilly, Senior Associate, Strategy

Erin is an energetic and talented strategy leader whose experience spans industries and project types. Her innovative work with 3D modeling and BIM systems allows Erin to develop integrated strategy solutions for client needs. She proactively remains at the forefront of design technology.

Aimee Collins, Principal, Design 

For over 20 years, Seattle-based Aimee has practiced as an interior designer and planner for corporate, hospitality, residential and retail spaces. With health and wellness playing an ever-increasingly important role in the workplace, Aimee aspires to create spaces that feel like a breath of fresh air.

Damian Besculides, Principal, Client Relations

A registered architect with 25 years experience globally, Damian has experience in all project management aspects including design, development and implementation. He has worked with executives to create real estate business strategies including lease execution and renewals, location expansion, contraction and relocation planning.

About the Host

Tricia Johnson

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