Our panel of experts


Antonio Brunner,
Global Director of Digital Workplace,
Deutsche Bank


Elisa Rönkä,
Head of Digital Market Development,


Taylor Wescoatt,
Concrete VC

About the host and the event


Stuart Finnie, Regional Director, Design, EMEA.

Join Stuart and our panel of workplace technology experts in this 45-minute webinar and live Q&A. Regardless of industry, how we choose to work is rapidly evolving. Discover how technology is needed to optimise the hybrid workplace between core and flex.

Key topics we'll highlight include:

  • How can we use technology to optimise the workplace as occupancy continues to fluctuate?
  • When is technology not the answer to improve the office?
  • Can organisations use technology to attract and engage top talent?
  • Does technology transcend the multi-generational workforce?
  • Are employers responsible for homeworking technology?
  • Is it possible to use technology for better wellness in the workplace?
  • Can technology add value to help create a destination workplace?
  • What's next in the future of workplace technology trends?